Do you sometimes feel that you are competing in a noisy environment; taken over by the big brands or even swamped by busy work schedules that there is no time left to increase online visibility?  We have the time to get your business seen; we can cut through the noise and give you the exposure big brands seem to easily gain and better still, we can do it within a budget that you can afford! And if you want to do it yourself, we can coach you through a variety of programmes to get your business noticed, fast. 

Our director,  Kate Beavis is a marketing specialist, blogger, editor, mentor and TV speaker who takes great pride in championing indies who deserve to be noticed without the sales pitch!

Founder of The Indie Practice (formerly Indie PR), she believes in celebrating the start-ups, championing the fashion boutiques, and lime lighting the wedding extraordinaire.  Marketing and PR is about getting seen, heard and remembered in print, online and on TV.  Through marketing, blogging, social media and press releases, The Indie Practice not only does all the above, it provides training and delivery within a budget that suits you!

We are committed to your business every step of the way!

And why?

Because now is the time to champion the indies; the creatives; the new starters; the parents and the jugglers!  We want to give you that chance to be noticed because you deserve it!

Why us?

From press releases to TV appearances, blogging to social media; our portfolio is extensive but most of all we ‘know’ what we are doing.  With over 18 years’ experience in retail and marketing, we understand what audiences want and how they need to be reached.  We know how to measure success and what angles to tune into.  We understand the industry and know the stories journalists just love to hear! And with various training roles on the CV, Kate can teach you how to be seen in a way that suits your learning style.

We know how to expand audiences in just a matter of words and without the drivel!

And this is how:

And here are our most popular programmes, designed for every budget, different paces of learning and time constraints:

Indie Practice Club

Indie Practice Hub

Indie Practice Lab

Indie Practice Bespoke



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