Want a 121 with me but cannot afford, at this moment in time my £150 fee. Indie PR’s ethos is to help creative, indie businesses but I realise that many cannot afford, some times, to pay. I want to help everyone, whatever their situation so I am offering a few Pay As You Want sessions.

Find out more about my 121 service here.

It is also a great way for both of us to see if we work well together, with some then deciding to upgrade to one of my programmes. But you don’t have to – there is no pressure – simply pay what you feel an hour with me is worth and let’s talk!

How this works is this:

  • Email me to book a time – these sessions are Fridays.

But how much should you pay?

Many people trying this system get a bit worried about how much to pay me. My hourly 121 costs £150 for nclients and people so far have given donations between £50 and £130. Please do not worry – the idea is that I want to help as many indie businesses as I can so really, just pay what you feel you want to pay.