Kate Beavis indie PRPR is about creating relationships with audiences via online and printed channels.  As Founder of The Indie Practice, I set up the business to champion indies, giving SME’s the podium they deserve and within a budget they can afford. My experience is based on building relationships with clients and contacts and offering PR support that is easily maintainable and incredibly achievable.

This woman’s work

And best of all, I am in a unique position as I can see marketing and PR from 3 different angles:

I write: Don’t say it print it!

I love to write and regularly create content for national magazines including The Lady, Real Homes, Metro, Reloved and Huffington Post.  My marketing background helps me to see the story from all angles; from the initial attention grab, to submission meltdown and the quick turnarounds that makes Road Runner look slow! I can tell stories journalists love to hear!  As an industry expert and enthusiast, I have helped clients get into The Telegraph, Stylist, Hello and Prima to name a few; giving them national exposure and without a hefty bill at the end of it!

I blog: If you can’t print it, blog it

Digital evolution has projected how we communicate and engage with audiences.  Which is exactly why I always blog; becoming an influencer in the digital hemisphere! My love of all things vintage helps me to write across multiple platforms including my Kate Beavis website and Magpie Wedding. Online channels are fundamental for PR as is the importance of reach and engagement!

I do PR: And always remember, to PR it!

I live and breathe PR and marketing.  I know how to get into the press; have appeared in hundreds of national magazines and papers myself, from NY Post, The Daily Mail to Marie Claire and even on TV.  I’ve been on the Lorraine Show, This Morning, Channel 4 News as a wedding expert and won Channel 4’s French Collection.  With over 18 years of retail, training and marketing experience for fashion retailers and blue-chip companies, I bring more to the party. I offer business and marketing understanding that is wholesome and all-encompassing. And above all I have the passion to champion those who need that extra push into the limelight by giving them marketing and PR which is achievable and affordable!

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