A 6 week programme to give you the all skills to write your own content, confidently.

Do you want to feel more confident with creating content?

Maybe you know why it is important but feel that you don’t have the time or even where to start coming up with ideas?

Perhaps you already blog or vlog but have very few readers so are feeling “what is the point?”

Blogging has literally changed my life. Not only did it mean we sold more product when we had our online shop, but it enabled me to become a writer. If I hadn’t blogged, I would not be a published author (I was scouted through my blog), I would not now write for The Metro, Huffington Post, Reloved, The Lady and be the wedding editor of Vintage Life as let’s face it, I am not a trained journalist! I would not be paid to write, to advertise brands, to review local hotels, or have met all the amazing people that I have done across the last 7 years.

As I say, it has changed my life and now I want to give you the skills to do the same. Welcome to Blog Club.

Blog Club Indie PR

Blog Club is a one stop, 6 week programme where you will be trained on all aspects of blogging so by the end you have the skills, confidence and plan to create content that your idea customer wants to read, to get your website higher up the google charts and gets you noticed.

The offering:

  • A 6 week plan, all online using video conferencing, a private Facebook page and downloadable homework
  • Through weekly Masterclasses and Homework we will cover
    • Why every business should write a blog – even a carpenter should have a blog!
    • Identifying your ideal customer/reader and what content they actually want to read
    • Setting goals for your business and how to reach them through creating content
    • Different types of content including podcasts, video and micro blogging
    • SEO – how to get your website and blog SEO ready
    • How to take amazing photos for your blog even if you have no photography background
    • How to share your content effectively through social media and email marketing
    • How to monetise your content
  • In week 4 you will have a one hour 121 with me to give you feedback on blogs that have been written in week 3
  • You will write at least 2 blogs within the 6 weeks with the chance to get further feedback from the group
  • In week 6 I will assess your ongoing plan and how to put them into action, guiding you for the future.
  • A private Facebook group so you can ask questions of me and others throughout the 6 weeks. This will be open for 2 months afterwards too in case you need any other support.

Who is the course for?

Indie PR Blog Club is for everyone, whether you are new to blogging, or have written some but feel like you are getting nowhere. It is for businesses who want to be on page one of Google for as many search terms as possible but seem currently stuck. It is for businesses that want to take it to the next level. It is for influencers who want to get their name and face out there. It is for people who want to make more money from their website and business.

It is for all industries, and NOT just for the wedding industry! It is for everyone!

The course starts on Wednesday May 9th. Please note I am away for the last week of May so the course will end a week later.

Please note that this course will not be run again in 2018 in this way, with my 121 support – so this is a one chance offer to receive a tonne of personal training from someone who has made blogging their business.


Early Bird: £150 up until Friday 20th April

After Friday 20th April the price goes up to £180

Or pay in two instalments of £90, first due on booking and 2nd payment due on 16th May.


Terms and Conditions:

All content, homework, masterclasses and concept are the copyright of Kate Beavis and Indie PR. This cannot be replicated in any form, at any time without permission.