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We review your website and create a bespoke plan



Tailored, flexible & affordable solutions

Do you need help with PR, marketing or even social media channels?  Do you find that there are not enough hours in the day?  Then this solution is for you.

Website review

The offering:

  • Flexible and affordable bespoke solutions
  • Create and deliver flexible PR solutions
  • Build and implement marketing strategies
  • Provide ongoing social support and management
  • Regular and measurable reports

Package 3. Sort Your Website. Your website is the window to your business but so many brands get some of the basics wrong. Get it right, then your website will be legally correct but also great for SEO, being seen on Google and the like. In this package we will audit your website in a non jargon way, to create a plan on what you need to do, to get your website sorted. You can then complete the plan in your own time or ask us to deliver it for you.

Cost: £100 for the initial audit (delivery of plan costs extra)

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