Bespoke: Pinterest


I manage your Pinterest account driving up monthly views for a minimum of 3 months


Tailored, flexible & affordable solutions

Do you need help with PR, marketing or even social media channels?  Do you find that there are not enough hours in the day?  Then this solution is for you.

The offering:

  • Flexible and affordable bespoke solutions
  • Create and deliver flexible PR solutions
  • Build and implement marketing strategies
  • Provide ongoing social support and management
  • Regular and measurable reports

Package 5. PINTEREST. Pinterest is the fastest growing platform for selling especially for the wedding industry with most women creating their dream day before they are even engaged. Most big brands are utilising this platform to directly sell and so should you. I can manage your Pinterest account creating new boards, scheduling pins for the best time for your customers and increase your monthly views. My clients are currently improving these by 50K every 3 months.

Cost: £95 for a minimum of 3 months


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