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A 7 week course covering all social media platforms, to get your brand noticed.

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A 7 week programme to give you the all skills to do your own Social Media confidently 

Do you want to feel more confident with your social media, on all platforms? My 7 week course will give you everything you need to confidently create engaging media, to grow your followers in a timely way, sharing how I grew my own following to over 120K.

Get Social is a one stop, 7 week programme where you will be trained on all aspects of social media so by the end you have the skills, confidence and plan to promote yourself across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

The offering:

  • A 7 week plan, all online using video conferencing, a private Facebook page and downloadable homework
  • In week one, I will share how to complete your own social media audit (which i charge ¬£150 for!) so you understand your strengths and weaknesses better. We will look at your competitors to assess threats and start to build your own comprehensive plan.
  • In week 2-6 you will receive a video masterclass covering Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest with a bonus session on live video for Facebook Live and Instagram Stories, packed full of actionable hints and tips. These sessions are interactable so you can ask questions and also recorded so you can refer back.
  • Weekly homework to help you with your plan and to deliver the extensive tips you will receive in the masterclasses; covering branding, your ideal customer, your business goals and more.
  • In week 7 we will assess plans, and how to put them into action, guiding you for the future.
  • We will also cover: how to get a good social media/life balance, how to push yourself forward as the face of your brand (if you want to!), using it to get press and how to keep all networks aligned to your brand.
  • A private Facebook group so you can ask questions of me and others throughout the 7 weeks. This will be open for 2 months afterwards too in case you need any other support.

Who is the course for?

Indie Practice Get Social is for everyone, whether you are new to all networks, or just some. It is for businesses who want to grow their numbers but seem currently stuck. It is for businesses that want to take it to the next level. It is for influencers who want to get their name and face out there.

It is for all industries, and NOT just for the wedding industry! It is for everyone

The course starts on Monday January 7th 2019. The course is £145 for 7 weeks.

Terms and Conditions:

All content, homework, masterclasses and concept are the copyright of Kate Beavis and Indie PR. This cannot be replicated in any form, at any time without permission.

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