Content Creation Package

Package 1. Content Creation. Every business needs a blog – from carpentry to hair styling to increase your SEO (Google rankings) and to show you as an expert in your field. This will lead to improved customer trust and increased sales. But not everyone has the time, the ideas nor the skill to do this – but I do. Running 2 successful blogs, I am well placed to manage your blog schedule with on brand content packed full of SEO focused key words.

Cost: £50 per blog 


Package 2. Grow Your Tribe. Every business needs a mailing list. Research shows that when we launch a new product or service to our mailing list, we on average convert only 1-2% of them into sales. To put that into context; if you have 100 people on your list, you will only on average sell your product to one person. With this in mind you need a large, engaged list – and we are here to help you grow this. We will spend some time with you to learn about your strategy and brand, thne design you a lead magnet (or freebie) to entice them to sign up, then automate a sequence of emails to start generating leads that you can then convert.

Costs start at £250 depending on the size of the lead magnet and the email sequence.

Package 3. Sort Your Website. Your website is the window to your business but so many brands get some of the basics wrong. Get it right, then your website will be legally correct but also great for SEO, being seen on Google and the like. In this package we will audit your website in a non jargon way, to create a plan on what you need to do, to get your website sorted. You can then complete the plan in your own time or ask us to deliver it for you.

Cost: £100 for the initial audit (delivery of plan costs extra)


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