Intentions or resolutions; there is a hot debate about whether they are a good thing or not! New Year, New You is met by groans everywhere but I for one love the concept. I love the idea of wiping the slate clean, and starting afresh; being a goal driven person has got me this far after all. I love to sit down and review the past 12 months, then set targets for the year ahead, as well as personal intentions that will make me happier. This year I am focusing on these things which I believe will improve my mental health, my physical health and therefore my business. And maybe some of these will resonate with you.

My 2018 intentions for my life and business

Cutting out the noise

Mark Zuckerberg has just announced that 2018 for him and for Facebook is about getting back to basics, back to a community focused site where we connect with loved ones. This has been met with frustration from the SME world as we all rely on Facebook for our business, to connect with customers and to share what we do. But I am so with him. I have been noticing over the last few months that social media, while helpful to what I do, is becoming increasingly more noisy. By noise I mean things like: my friends list is actually a list of work peers, clients, contacts, journalists and the like. While this is great for business, it means that when I scroll down in out of office hours, I am met with work. So there basically is no out of office. This has resulted in feeling shattered, comparing myself to others, a sense of FOMO – fear of missing out – which is affecting my mental health.

Then there are all the groups I belong to which fills my feed, distracting me from my friends. While some are super useful for me as a person and for my business, there are so many that I don’t need to see as much.

So what I have done thus far is to leave a whole heap of groups; the ones that were sucking me in needlessly as well as the ones that I simply don’t care about. I then have set up a personal, personal page and invited a mere 20 people to be friends with. These are the people I see often, go out with, share my secrets with and of course my family (the ones that I want to connect to!) So far it has been enlightening as well as peaceful. On day one I discovered that a close friend now has long hair, one has a new job and the other is having an amazing trip to Thailand (jealous, moi?) None of this I knew because it was hidden behind the noise!

Focusing my peaceful mind on other things

I have put my phone down every evening and picked up a book instead. I love reading (I have an English Literature degree) but only seem to manage it on my 2 week holiday every year, when I devour a book every two days! I am now reading at the end of the day and boy I am enjoying it! Not looking at my phone has been so liberating – I just need to continue which I know will be hard. I hope that if I continue to separate business with personal time then this will be easier.

Becoming stronger

By stronger, I mean physically stronger. I used to be a yoga bunny, going 4 times a week before I had children and “settled down”. I am now so bloody weak that when I joined a gym last November I could do about 15 minutes of salutations and the like, before flailing into the child’s pose! I joined David Lloyd spending more money than I intended, but I recognised that not only did I need to be stronger in my body, but I needed to be stronger in my mind. Having somewhere to go to, away from the house, work and children has been amazing and since Christmas I have been going 4 times a week. I had my health check last week to find out that I am in good shape which has spurred me on to get fitter.

Being a little bit selfish

I have always said no to things that didn’t feel right for my business or for me, but this year I am going to get tougher by saying no to more. I love to help others and am often offering advice and my time but this results in having less time to spend on my clients, the people I mentor and also myself. This year I want to grow the business and to help more of you get to where you want to be, and to do that, I need to be more selfish. The word selfish is though to be a bad thing – but this selfish comes from a place that wants to make Indie PR work for me and for you. Watch this space for all the exciting things I have planned.

I would love to hear your intentions and plans for the year ahead. I would love to help you with them too – let’s face it, I will have more time as I am going to be stronger, a little bit more selfish and a load more focused. Have an amazing 2018 everyone x